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Medical Weight Management

Weight Management Program

Get Inspired, Get Healthy


1. Complete Medical History

2. Physical Exam with Labs

3. Nutritional Therapy and Eating Plans

4. Exercise Physical Assessment and Tailored Exercise Plans

5. Medications as Adjuncts to diet and exercise treatment


We are prepared to help you reduce the health risk associated with obesity and manage this condition.

Did You Know?

  • Most Insurance Plans cover Wellness and Preventive Services. 
  • If we are out of network with your plan, we can provide you with the superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement in cases where the service is covered. 
  • Medicare covers 22 visits per year for Intensive Behavioral Therapy if your BMI is greater than 30. 

Insurance Information

We accept insured and uninsured/cash-paying patients!

Cash Payment Options

If you are under-insured or are without obesity management coverage, a cash price is available!

$100 will cover the initial visit, 2 week follow up and labs.

 After the 2 week follow up, a monthly visit is required at a cost of $50 per visit. An unbeatable deal!

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